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Date: Sun, 07 underage russian busty lolita
Mar 2004 22:52:06 -0500
From: Eric Lattenhaus
--by Eric L.
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```````````````````````````````````````````````[Story of three teens: lolita spelled in russian
Twin boys, Derek and Travis, 16;
their younger brother, Jeffrey, 14; and dad, John Carnslee.]SPANKING PADDLING AND BROTHER LOVE - Chapter 3[The family of four males is all at home, showering in a large,
enclosed bathing area.]
Little Jeffrey froze, thinking he had gone too far--but more
concerned about the lolita island ls model
fact that he'd uttered a cuss word. Jeff's
face had fallen--he looked as if he stood accused of a great
crime."It's all right Jeff," the father said, feeling sorry for his
youngest son.As John took ebony lesbian lolita sistas
inventory of the situation with himself and his sons
all showering naked together, he felt fortunate--that his sons
were somewhat comfortable with the four of them naked; that they
could talk about these things. But now he nude lolitas preteen hardcore
felt bad about Jeff,
outspoken young russiam nudist lolita
preteen lolita models showers
about his chosen teen video lolita girls
reward, and now the boy felt crushed--
afraid perhaps.The hush in the tiled shower room deepened as all eyes were on
John, who was poised stoically. Actually he was quite thrilled
that Jeff would pick up on the sexual dimension their punishments
had taken suddenly.Travis and Derek were typical twin 16-year-olds--horny at the
drop of a prelolitas models no nude
hat, but 14-year-old Jeff had them beat. nude lolita studio sites
His hormones
saturated lolita repon info net
him--brain and body, naked preteen lolitas cp
as might be expected from a boy
his age. And his brothers knew it. Still, the twins looked
shocked and fearful that Jeff would say this--or anything near
it. They couldn't reconcile the idea of Jeff telling me he
wanted to penetrate his older brother."Um--bad idea, huh dad?" Travis said, intervening for his brother
and trembling with lolitas sexy nude little
fear that Jeff had 3d lolicon cp pics
induced more punishment for
them all--or that their dad free lolita xxx megs
would be disgusted with them. After
all, Jeff's blurting out that he wanted to fuck Travis had its
implications as to what games the boys might be playing while dad
was away."Oh, you think so?" John said sincerely, as if talking to a peer,
evaluating Travis' statement and wanting him to clarify.Travis began to shake so badly, his dad called him over. As
Travis walked to his father, he felt as if he were performing a
death-walk. What would John think free hot lolita pictures
of him--that he had taught his
brother about fucking? That the twins had corrupted their little
brother?Glancing at Derek, Travis could see his tension. Jeff seemed
content to look down appreciatively at his bouncing lolitas 12 year nude
fallen face notwithstanding.John hugged his sweetest lolita boys nude
son. "Are you afraid, Travis? That Jeff might
hurt you? Or--" John hesitated, trying underground lolita girls porn
to find the words,
wondering if he should be less willing to encourage his sons russian model preteen loli
be sexual with each other; if he should be playing with their
butts as he had. "Or is this something you don't want to do?"Shock was the main emotion mtx 8 subwoofer lolita
Travis experienced. "No, dad--well,
I'm not--um, it's not like I--""Okay son. You boys finish up and go to Jeff's room hacked preteen lolita sites
and talk
about this, just the three of you. I'll meet you there."Becoming uncomfortable with this turn of events, John hurried out
of the shower and dried himself--his towel the only clothing he
felt necessary. He went to the basement--gathering courage to
make another phone call to his friend, Roger."Jeff--you dork! You're gonna get free bbs lolita hardcore
us all in trouble!" Travis
told his young brother."No," Derek said, looking thoughtful, "that's not it. Dad's
enjoying us--enjoying this. Did you see him littel lolita sexy pics
smile? Remember how
he's always saying we're growing up so fast, and we'll be gone
and out before he knows preteen nonnude lolitas nymphets
it, and the house will be empty?""Yeah--so?" Travis still had a tension about him.Jeff and Travis looked equally clueless."I think I figured pre nn underground lolita
it out. Don't you get it?""Not really, bro," Travis said, with a little mysterious smile
that communicated something to Derek that only the twins
understood."I get it!" Jeff shouted, like he'd nn lolita angels ru
discovered gold in Alaska.
"He wants to have fun with us!""Travis raised his eyebrows at Derek as if making inquiry miss lolita 13yo nude
to an
old master for the answer.""Yeah, Jeff's got it--pretty much. Dad wants to have fun before
it's too late and we're all grown up--I don't know about the
'with us' part, but I think he wants to see us have fun. He
loves when we play and--""Yeah but this is different," Travis said, the lolita nymphet preteen tgp
movements of elwebb biz lolita bss
hands and arms betraying his fear."It is and it isn't," Derek said, in one of his quick bits of
brotherly adolescent child models erotic loli
wisdom. Then Derek turned to Jeff, "Count
me in. You can fuck me dexo lolitas pedo models
if imageboard bbs 18ban lolitas
Travis wants out." Jeff was stunned."Wait--who said I didn't want it?" Travis said."Derek smiled." ._._._._._._._._._._._._._
"Roger, hi. It's me again," John said hastily into the
phone. ----"Oh, yeah, everything's fine--well, sort of." ----"No, no trouble." ----"I loli nude bbs imgboard
don't spank as hard as you guys." ----"Yes I'm feeling free preteen lolita clips
guilty about the sex. After I free underage lolita porn
hung zeps lolita bbs forum
up underage lolita models nude
with you
and did the spankings, we all took a shower." ----"Yes, together, and I let them pick out a reward." ----"No, just something fun, whatever they wanted to do." ----"I would top lolita bbs topsites
not have taken them to Twin Peaks, that costs a
fortune." ----"I never thought of that. That's ls magazine lolitas crazy
a great idea.""Jeff said he wanted to fuck one of the twins." ----"What's funny about pedo lolita preteen rape
that?" ----"Yes, I AM nervous." ----"Just a good time? Okay, but this isn't Monopoly." ----"Yeah, it is their choice. You're right, but" ----"Yes, I'll keep that in mind." ----"Because I feel like sex preteen girls lolly
I'm forcing them." ----"No, I left them buck naked--in the shower." ----"Okay, I'll do my best to underage penetrate lolita videos
read their signals." ----"Thanks, Roger."Although he tried to resist Roger's idea at first, there was
power in Roger's advice. And that power had more impact--the
persuasive power of a group of eight lolita russian free gallery
dads who did similar things
with their sons, all consenually, including spanking, young lolitas galleries nn
and other
things John felt were beyond his ability to contemplate.It was naked lolita picture galleries
simple. All he had to do was let the boys tell him young lolitateen girls nude
they were comfortable with--or horny enough to dare to do. The
most that would be required of him was to ask a few questions."Well, boys, how are we doing?" John was relieved to see the
boys all sitting on Jeff's bed, and all wrapped in lolita girls nude sites
their towels.
Roger had said, if they weren't dressed, that was a good sign."Okay, dad, we're ready," the boys declared."No, shit?" John said, stunned. This loli child top list
brought uproarious laughter
from John's three sons."What's so funny?" John was open-mouthed with shocked surprise."Dad--" Travis said, "We never heard you say, 'oh shit.'""Oh, okay," John said, blushing, "Well, I said it." The man
smiled. "But not so fast.""Huh?""You have to gather all the supplies.""Supplies?""Old Towels for clean up. . . lubricant?"This made the boys blush. worlds biggest lolita portal
"Oh, yeah. We free taboo porn lolita
didn't think of that.""That's was dads are for," John said.While the boys were rushing around the young lolita sex pix
house, John slipped into
his bedroom to gather his cane, tawse, and paddle. Returning to
Jeff's room, to p lolita paysites
he hid these under the bed.The boys returned to Jeff's room with their supplies. They
carried them as if they were treasures."So," John said, trying to sound casual, "have you decided?""Oh, yeah, dad--Jeff's gonna fuck me," Travis said.John sat on a chair across from the bed, amazed that his younger
son had just young magic lolita nude
casually mentioned he was going to have sexual
intercourse with one of his older brothers, with Derek and him
watching. lolita preteen ls magazine
The boy's glanced over in their dad's direction a few
time, but mostly went about their business.Travis got on his back, on the lil lolita cock sucker
floor. Jeff and Derek rubbed his
chest and abdomen. When they each put a lolita nude gallery photo
mouth to Travis'
nipples, his penis began to rise."What's the feather duster for?" John asked quietly.Silently, Derek top 1 lolita sites
picked it up photos of lolis 15y
and began to dust off his twin's
cock and balls. bbs lolitas posting board
"One twin boner comin up," he said, and up came
Travis's dick, inch by inch. Soon, it was sticking straight up."Give that to me," John said, amazed that the duster had given
Travis such an erection. John played with the duster,
experimenting with it on Derek."Oh, dad. . . ohh," the boy said, reaching for the arm of the
chair to steady himself. Derek was erect within thirty seconds.This left Jeff a lone bystander, entertaining himself with the
sight of his dripping hardon; and poor Travis was lolita nude fami y
impressive, adolescent tower left throbbing on its own."Well, I guess we don't want to get the thing wet," John said,
examining nude lolita series pics
the fluid Derek had just deposited on the tips of the
feathers. "Did lola nude pre teen
that get you going, Derek?""Oh, yeah! Nice and horny, but--""What about me?" Jeff said loudly, obviously wanting his turn
with dad and the feather duster."Well, come over here," John said, galleries lolita pics nude
and no sooner said the words
when Jeff came to his side, jealously eyeing Derek and the
feather tiny tots lolitas galleries
duster.Now top 50 photos lolita
was John's chance to put one of Roger's ideas to work. John
looked up at Jeff, then down at his little throbber. "Travis,
get up and look at this with me and your brother."The excited lad, thinking he would be halfway through a session
with his brother pumping away at his insides, was instead called
upon to observe his underage bbs lolita
baby brother's dick. He obeyed, and the
three of them stared at Jeff's erection."Something wrong, dad?" Jeff asked nervously."Oh, no, son.""He's big for fourteen," Travis said, with some envy."Well my precious twins, what do you think? Should I give ls bbs lolita portal
penis a treatment with the feather duster?""No," Derek said quickly. "He's already hard.""I see. What do YOU think, Travis?""Hell, no. That would set him off erotic lolita young top
and he'll underage sex lolita illegal
squirt you in the
face."Secretly, John would not have minded."That's very young naked lolitas
two answers in the negative, Jeff." Then John turned to
Travis, "Well, son, since Jeff IS going to pleasure you--I assume
you'll find his lovemaking pleasurable--I think you should
pleasure him, now. What do you think, Derek?""Yeah, make him suck the little guy.""Very slowly, Travis--do it."Travis blushed, but nude young loli girl
lolita nudists top 100
went to his knees dutifully, and slid preteen asian lolitas nymphets
lips down Jeff's wet, hot boner."All the way, Travis," John said."Yeah," Derek added legal nude lolita phtography
in agreement.Travis' lips touched Jeff's dusting of fine pubic hair."Ohhh, ahhhh!" Jeff lolita preteens dancing movies
moaned."Travis, nude little latina lolitas
stop!" Derek yelled."Yes. Don't move," John said. "Can you breathe?"Travis nodded."Stay just that way, son, we don't want Jeff to come, isn't that
right, boys?"Derek agreed at once. Travis nodded, the best he could with the
tip of his little brother's penis underage lolita porn gallery
at the entrance to his throat."Are you boys ready to get back to what you were about to do?""Yes!" came Jeff's enthusiastic answer."Yeowrph," was Travis' garbled reply."Gentlemen, start your engines."Derek, still at his father's side, whispered, "I 12year old russian lolita
pre teen littel lola
think their
engines are already teen lolita romania model
started."Travis resumed his position, lying free lolita sex stories
on the floor, while Jeff
opened the tube of lubricant. black lolitas girls models
Travis seemed to be twitching a
bit, his legs lolitas preteen bbs pics
partly up."Wait!" John said, causing Jeff to jump and drop the cap of the
tube."What's wrong?" Travis said, wondering if he was ever going to
get a little-brother fucking."I think," John said, "that you boys are old enough to negotiate
some things."Puzzled expressions met John's gaze. Now, there was Derek--cock
still erect from the feather duster, standing next to his seated
father; Jeff--kneeling between his bigger brother's spread legs,
with his aching hardon, wanting to lube up; and Travis--now
halfway hard, up on his elbow, having taken his eyes off the
little weapon that was about to penetrate him, and left the idea
of a fuck well behind by that time. All eyes were on their
father."Boys--when loli dorki lolita lolitas
we go to Twin Pines, do we get in for free?""No," was the triple response. "It costs a lot," Derek said."So, boys--we pay for our entertainment, don't we?"All three agreed. This accord did little to lessen the boys'
confusion. Their dad took this moment to pull his punishment
tools out from under Jeff's lolita model pics nude
bed."Oh, no!" Travis shrieked, seeing his dads spanking stuff and
getting off the floor in record time--his hands already on his
butt, anticipating the worst. Travis ran to Derek. This left
Jeff on his hands and knees, holding the lubricant tube.The twins pointed at Jeff--butt lolikon bbs 3d xxx
half up in the air. "Him first!"
they shouted, as their dad held chinese lolita preteen bbs
the strap limply at his side.
SPANKING PADDLING AND art loli nude pic
BROTHER LOVE - Chapter 3 More to come?If you write to me, please put "PADDLE" in your email subject
line when you write. Thanks. Otherwise I will think it's spam.
And please write. It's the food that keeps me writing.
If you keep writing to me, I'll keep writing chapters for you.
I promise. --EricOther stories by Eric L. That's preteen ped loli pictures
me! :-) See below.HIGH SCHOOL1. Crazy-for-the-boy japan image board loli
(Matt & Shawn--boy meets boy)
(More drama, less sex)2. I-drooled-for-brad (Brad & Robby--boy meets boy)
(More sex, less drama)3. Erotic-dreams (One Chapter Love Stories, mostly)
.../nifty/gay/highschool/erotic-dreams/INCEST4. Hot-Little-Brother xxx yong loli xxx
(Mike & Scott)
(High School setting; my brother paulolino basa
incest; fun; no free lolicon hentai doujinshi
spank)5. Spanking-paddling-and-brother-love childs little loli models
(Derek, Travis, Jeffrey)
love/ happy lolita young nude
[you just read this story, chapter 3]SPANKING PADDLING AND BROTHER LOVE - Chapter 3